Saturday, September 10, 2016

2 videos

Milo Yiannopoulos versus CNBC anchors re: the "alt-right":

(via Instapundit)

Christopher Hitchens on putting off confrontation with North Korea:

(via Joshua)

A lot of lefties dismiss Yiannopoulos as a vile, racist troll. Listen to his defense in that video, though, and the most you can say about him is that he's an asshole, and he knows it, and he doesn't give a damn. Listen, too, as the CNBC anchors try to box him into their preconceived straw-man image of who he is and what he represents, and watch as he outfoxes them at every step, including the one time the anchors think they've caught Yiannopoulos in a contradiction.

The Hitchens video will be more rewarding for people who know little to nothing about the North Korea situation; most of what Hitchens says is common sense and common knowledge to old hands. His conclusion, that something's got to give if we keep delaying significant action against North Korea, is trivially true. That said, it's always good to spend a few minutes with the articulate Hitch, however unhealthy he may look in that video.


King Baeksu said...

Of course, (((Milo))) outfoxed them. As a supporter of the Alt-Right, he is committed to brutal honesty and describing reality as accurately and objectively as possible. CNBC, on the other hand, is nothing but a corporate propaganda outlet. When the truth confronts propaganda, the former is going to ass rape the latter every time. Could $hillary Clinton be any dumber? She has given the Alt-Right so much free publicity that not even Donald Trump could ever fully repay her.

Sadly, I doubt that (((Milo))) will be visiting North Korea any time soon, given that they have recently banned sarcasm there. I can attest to the fact that the North Koreans understand sarcasm and irony quite well. When I was in Ch'ongjin last year, I dined at the same club where Jeffrey Fowle left a Bible in one of the bathrooms there just the year before, and was arrested soon thereafter. As we were leaving, I told my guide, who had also been Mr. Fowle's, "If you'll excuse me for a moment, I just need to leave something in the bathroom!"

My guide's eyes popped open wide in disbelief, but then after another second he busted out laughing and gave me several hearty slaps on the back. "You're so funny, ha, ha, ha!" Then when we parted ways a few days later, he told me at the border, "You are a valuable friend of the DPRK!" I wonder if he really meant it, though, and suspect that he was simply returning the favor!

King Baeksu said...

In case it wasn't clear from my last comment, (((Milo Yiannopoulos))) is decidedly not Alt-Right. Their response to him could be characterized thusly: "Why is this degenerate non-American Jew being promoted in the (((MSM))) as a spokesperson for our movement? Are Jews insufficiently represented in the American (((lamestream media)))? I think we all know the answer to that!"

Still, he can be viewed as a kind of gateway drug for "normies" still lost within The Matrix. I left the following comment under the video you linked to:

"You could tell the old white dude on the left was thinking to himself, 'Hmm, I kind of agree with what he's saying...' RED PILLED LIVE ON NATIONAL TV!"

In short, he is a fellow traveller but not actually part of the movement, which he makes very clear in the video clip itself. The man is clearly a narcissist, but at least he's honest.