Sunday, April 02, 2017

...and then they came for the happy German guy

The alt-media side of YouTube is in an uproar about a new wave of anti-free-speech actions sweeping across all YouTube channels, regardless of ideology. This may have started, arguably, with a kerfuffle involving Swedish vlogger PewDiePie (pronounce it like "cutie pie"; the guy's real name is Felix), who posted some tasteless Nazi jokes that were obviously parodic in nature. YouTube, and its owner Google, became the target of an outcry in which PC complainants shrilled that YouTube was supporting Nazism, etc., by allowing these vloggers to engage in "hate speech," the breathless label now most often used to censor anything un-PC. If you've ever watched PewDiePie's videos, and assuming you have half a brain, you know perfectly well that the man doesn't have a Nazi bone in his body. But the de-monetizing of PewDiePie began in earnest, and the witch-hunters are now after anyone who may also be ruffling PC feathers. Several vloggers have spoken on the subject; here are four, and I recommend you spend some time and watch these folks:

Paul Joseph Watson: "My Last-ever Video?"

Styxhexenhammer666: "We Save YouTube or We All Fall Together"

h3h3 Productions: "Is YouTube Over?"

Stefan Molyneux: "An Important Message about YouTube and Freedom"

Those videos ought to give you the background you need to understand the situation and how serious it is. Now we turn to one of my favorite channels: Jörg Sprave's The Slingshot Channel. Sprave was just attacked with a hit piece by the British Daily Mail. The Daily Mail's article paints Sprave as a depraved lunatic teaching jihadis how to stab policemen through their protective vests, much as the Muslim London attacker recently did. Sprave has posted a video in response to this character assassination—a true example of fake news perpetrated by the mainstream media if ever there was one. Anyone who has watched a few of Sprave's videos knows that the man, burly though he be, and however much he might love his armaments, would never hurt a fly in real life. (Personally, I'm not sure why Sprave, who speaks accented but almost perfectly fluent English, hasn't moved to America yet to avoid Europe's increasingly repressive self-defense laws.) The Daily Mail ought to be sued for libel, and I personally wouldn't mind fitting the article's two authors with flimsy protective vests and letting Herr Sprave (or, hey—me!) have a go at them until they've been nicely perforated.

In his video, Herr Sprave asks his viewers to lend him support by "liking" his latest video, commenting at the Daily Mail, following him on Facebook, and contributing to his Patreon crowdfunding page. If you're interested, you can do any or all of the above.

The PC crowd will stop at nothing to kill free speech. Watch several of Herr Sprave's videos, then look me in the eye and tell me that he's a deranged tutor of jihadis who deserves to be demonetized by corporate cowards in league with the PC puritans.


Anonymous said...

Wondered where Ud gone. @lkp48

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I left Twitter late last year. Welcome to the blog. Type "walk thoughts" into the blog's search window, then hit "sort by date" to read about my upcoming 600-km trek.

Hope all's well!