Thursday, April 06, 2017

Ave, Joshua!

Joshua Stanton writes:

In other words, China is using North Korea to menace and intimidate South Korea, and when South Korea tries to protect itself, China is using its economic power to bully South Korea into submission and unilateral disarmament. As South Korea’s ally, we must not stand for this.

Again and again on this blog, I've written that China will always be a harsher mistress to Korea than America ever will. Are Koreans finally getting that message?

Joshua also quotes Yonhap News quoting General Mattis:

“In the South China Sea, we see China shredding trust as they adopt a tribute-nation kind of approach where all other nations have to pay tribute or acquiescence to the more powerful nation, the larger nation,” Mattis said during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

I am fucking sick and tired of listening to retarded assholes accusing the US of "imperialism" when it's obvious they haven't the first goddamn clue what imperialism is. Again, as I've said over and over on this blog: if you want to see real imperialism, look at China.


King Baeksu said...

Neocons will use any excuse to take out North Korea. The best way to check Chinese power is to put the squeeze on them economically, or at least make the threat of doing so seem credible. If their domestic economy begins to contract, they''ll be too worried about internal rebellion to screw around with anyone beyond their borders.

Kevin Kim said...

As a matter of principle, I greatly prefer economic solutions to military solutions (Joshua generally does, too, which is why he devotes most of his posts to complaining about how various countries aren't enforcing resolutions and sanctions already in place). The problem with the whole tangled China/US/NK/SK issue is that the economic can easily switch over to the military if things get desperate enough.

Will Trump go the military route with NK? Let's hope not, but I see that some people are wondering.

King Baeksu said...

Sanctions only hurt the long-suffering North Korean (and Russian) people. Grab China by the pussy and they'll quickly fall in line. If they start hurting economically, their people won't starve; CCP big shots will simply be unable to sponsor as many mistresses, buy up so many mansions in Hongcouver and Xiattle.