Thursday, April 06, 2017

clotted cream!

I'll be making this at some point:


Charles said...

Guy has the weirdest way of talking; it is driving me batty.

"Go ahead and slather on a generous helping of our CLOTTED CREam. And then I finish mine of with some homemade STRAWBERRY Jam."

I feel like I'm riding a verbal roller coaster with all the UPS AND Downs at the ENDS OF sentences.

(Oh, and the jam goes on first.)

Cool vid, though. I had no idea that's how clotted cream was made.

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, I don't like his singsong style, either. If you listen to his videos from 2012 and before, he sounds more normal. I don't know what happened along the way. He gets comments, both good and bad, about his intonation. I suppose I've grown used to his speaking style, mainly because I'm there for the recipe, not for his voice.

Widening the scope a bit: I've noticed that pretty much every YouTube chef I follow has some annoying quirk, and quite a few chefs on the Food Network can be just as annoying.

As for cooking methods: I think a lot of Brits gently heat their unpasteurized cream on a stove, which may be one reason why some Americans see the process as a health hazard.

SJHoneywell said...

I do love me some clotted cream. It's an integral part of my family's Christmas morning every year. Scones with clotted cream are a tradition for my wife and kids and me that goes back a few years now, and I look forward to it.

I don't, however, make my own clotted cream.

Kevin Kim said...


Sounds like a great Christmas tradition. I'll be over this Christmas, by the way, so make room at the table for me.

Charles said...

I went back and watched his very first video, and he does sound more normal... but the seeds (no pun intended--watch the oldest video and you'll understand) are there. He does have a general tendency to intone up at the end of his sentences; it must have gotten worse over the years and developed into that singsong voice.

I think you're right about YouTube chefs in general, and some FN chefs as well. I suspect that it's partly about the form, which is all about giving instructions to people through a lot of talking. I think anyone who does that for a long period of time is going to end up unconsciously forefronting their quirks.

As for clotted cream itself, I guess I was never all that curious about how it was made because it wasn't something I ever really wanted to have on a regular basis. It's nice for an occasional treat, but that's about it. So I will now endeavor to forget what I have learned here.