Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Walk Thoughts #150: 5/2 the construction site

I ended up walking through the construction site. There were workers there, but no one said a word as I passed by. I got a decent closeup shot of those mysterious giant crosses that appear on some mountainsides. Still not sure what they're for. Do my readers know?


Charles said...

I believe (but may be incorrect) that the crosses are there to prevent erosion of the hillside, as they are usually placed on slopes that have been artificially cut into mountains or hills.

(They could also be a secret laser defense system installed in the middle of the night by the US military.)

Kevin Kim said...

Interesting. But you'd think it'd be easier and cheaper just to plant a bunch of trees and bushes with deep-growing roots.

Surprises Aplenty said...

I'm with Charles. To my limited understanding, bolstered by Wikipedia, the crosses are merely what's visible with cables and anchors deep in the rock.

Further, the crosses remind God that locals want his attention there so that also helps.