Tuesday, October 09, 2018

making the rounds is this "roundhouse" kick

By now, you've likely seen the viral video of the pro-choice hairstylist who didn't like what a pro-life woman had to say, so instead of offering a counterargument, he clumsily attempted to kick the woman's cell-phone camera out of her hand and ended up kicking the woman instead. My understanding is that the assailant, Jordan Hunt, was arrested for assault. Here's a clip of the crucial moment:

You can hear Hunt lamely saying that he had meant to kick the woman's phone. Why he thought it was a good idea to attempt any sort of kick is beyond me: another example of the temperamental, stupid nature of his kind.

The abortion debate is complex enough without people resorting to violence. However, the thing that bugs me about this incident is the way that Hunt's blow to the woman has been labeled a "roundhouse kick." It was, at best, a weakly delivered crescent kick. For some real roundhouse kicks, go back to this old post of mine and watch from about 1:20 on the embedded video. Jordan Hunt can't manage a hundredth of that. And he really needs to learn how to use his words instead of kicking harmless women on behalf of a woman's right to choose what to do with her body, compassionate liberal that he is.

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