Thursday, October 04, 2018

oh, noes! Trump's taxes! surely, he's doomed now!

Don Surber (hat tip to Bill Keezer for the link) writes on the New York Times's damning article about Trump's tax records, which somehow got leaked:

This afternoon, the New York Times struck the tent on the Anti-Kavanaugh Circus by publishing a 14,000-word report on President Trump's financial history.

It's over because the New York Times wants to change subjects. Polls show Marxist Democrats are taking a pounding over this nomination in red states, which means they will lose Senate seats.

So the Times changed the subject with the story — "4 Ways Fred Trump Made Donald Trump and His Siblings Rich" — which it bills as a blockbuster[,] but we all know it is a diversion.

Within an hour of posting the story online, it had 80,000 mentions on Twitter, mainly from liberal loyalists eager for another venue to vent their hate.

It is Kavanaugh Who? time for liberals.

The story could have been held. A story of that length consuming pages of newsprint belong[s] in the Sunday newspaper, not in the middle of another busy week in the news.

My guess is the story was supposed to run this Sunday, but a panic-stricken New York Times was horrified to witness the evaporation of its dream of the Democratic Party taking over the Senate and leaving a Supreme Court vacancy open for a Democratic president in 2020.

The story about President Trump's fortune is the Stormy Daniels of financial reporting.

Stormy Who?

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John John McCrarey said...

Business as usual, so tiresome. It's a shame we no longer have a Fourth Estate keeping BOTH sides honest in this country.

I couldn't help but notice the incongruity of this line in the article you quote: "Polls show Marxist Democrats are taking a pounding over this nomination in red states". It is high time we start calling the left leaning states "red" to accurately reflect their communist sympathies. But what to call the conservative states? HaHa, the leftists would most likely say "white" of course.

Anyway, here's hoping the Senate does the right thing so we can move on to the next "end of the world as we know it" moment--Trump took advantage of loopholes in the tax law! OMG!!!!!!!!