Friday, October 05, 2018

to do this weekend

1. I still need to shop for a goddamn light for my bathroom. I shower with the door open to allow the light from the main part of the apartment to shine in through the shower curtain so I'm not completely in the dark. Luckily, the curtain offers excellent protection against splash-outs, so no shower water ever passes beyond the threshold. Still, I'd like to go back to a normal, electrically illuminated existence. I'll probably head out to the light-bulb district, i.e., Saeun Sangga close to Jongno 3-ga and Euljiro 3-ga. Shops abound.

2. I need to shop for trinkets/gifts to give Dom, Véro, and the four kiddies. Not sure what I'll be getting; we'll see.

3. I need to translate four recipes for my food into French: budae-jjigae, fried rice, galbi, and Middle Eastern chicken. We'll apparently be shopping and cooking. The town of Niort, not far from where Dom lives in Le Vanneau-Irleau, has a generic Asian mart that looks a bit dark, seedy, and dodgy. Here are two pics captured from Google Maps:

4. On Sunday, I'll be meeting up for lunch or dinner with a former coworker from Sookmyung. She and her boyfriend are visiting Korea, flying all the way from England to take in the peninsula. They've got a full schedule, and so do I, so Sunday is the agreed-upon day for us to meet, either for lunch or for dinner. I'm going to suggest lunch.

Beaucoup à faire, et très peu de temps. Mais bon, c'est la vie.


John John McCrarey said...

How do you shave in the dark?

Kevin Kim said...

Interesting question. Well, it's by no means dark, thanks to the lighting outside the bathroom, and since I'm constantly running my fingers over my face, a lot of the shaving is by feel, anyway.

John John McCrarey said...

I guess it came to mind because I just had to pay an electrician to install an additional light over my sink in the master bath. The ceilings lights were inadequate for me to shave with any confidence. I'd probably suck at Braille too...