Monday, February 11, 2019

après le travail, le déluge

I woke up nice and late this morning (7:45 a.m., which is normally early for me, but which is late by the standards of my up-at-5:30 walking schedule) and took my sweet damn time showering and prepping for the trip back to Seoul. The plan was to go straight to my office via either the expensive KTX or the cheaper Seoul metro, both of which were accessible at Yangpyeong Station, a stop that services regular trains, express trains, and city subways. I eventually chose the subway, despite all the extra stops and the hated crowds: it was by far the cheaper option, at barely two dollars, and I was able to find an empty seat and sleep during the first half of the ride. Lucky for me, Yangpyeong Station was less than 800 meters from my motel, so it wasn't too painful to walk there.

I'll be writing about the walk tonight when I'm back from work. Haven't had the chance to weigh myself yet, but I just did the belt-cinching test, and I've lost three inches off the waist. That ought to translate to a few kilos. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning after I've pooped out today's lunch (no dinner for yours truly) to see where I stand.

Expect a deluge of testimony and photos in several hours. Remind me to tell the sad story of the old man and the dog.

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