Thursday, February 28, 2019

canceled, alas

Because I woke up with some residual hip pain this morning, I've decided that walking 60 km tomorrow will be unsafe for me. I'd rather start such a long walk at a pain level of zero; my fear is that, should I begin the walk while hurting even a little, that discomfort might worsen over the course of the walk until it becomes unbearable. Even were I to start at zero pain, there's still a chance I'd end up hurting, although I think the pain would be bearable by the end of the walk. Truth be told, I'm feeling very little pain right now, as I type this, but I still don't want to tempt fate.

So I'm going to reschedule the walk for very late in March or sometime in early April—perfect walking weather, what with Korea's all-too-brief spring in full flower. Expect updates in a few weeks, then, when I ought to be completely healed up.*

As you can imagine, I'm angry and frustrated that Mother Nature chose this moment to put me temporarily out of commission. Friday is a perfect day for walking; in fact, I may end up doing a long-ish walk, anyway—something in the neighborhood of 30K steps.

*The long-range forecast says that the weekend of March 9 is looking pretty good (mostly sunny), so who knows—I might make my attempt then.

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