Thursday, February 14, 2019

from comfort food to haute cuisine

Here's a video showing a pretty decent pulled-pork sandwich. My only disagreement* is with the use of mayonnaise: I tried that once and thought it ruined the experience. Anyway, here's Sam the Cooking Guy:

And here are our five nutty Brits doing a tour around town of various Japanese (or at least Japanese-themed) restaurants as they gather ideas for an upcoming head-to-head battle in their studio kitchen:

*The more astute among you will be wondering why I'm not complaining about the onions he piled atop the sandwich. Strangely enough, I'm actually a fan of onion rings and fried onions, as long as one cooks the living fuck out of the onion. This is also probably why I tolerate onions in Korean stews: they've been cooked to the point that they've lost their souls. This does not, however, explain why I'm OK with things like pico de gallo or the onion-filled dipping sauce that comes with one's galmaegi-sal.

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