Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Bill Keezer strikes again with a link to another meme:

Some border states are apparently suing to counteract President Trump's declaration of a state of emergency. Ostensibly, this is because the states are suddenly concerned about the US government's trampling of their sovereignty. Interesting, given that the influx of illegal immigrants is itself a gross violation of both state and national sovereignty. Maybe these states should consider building walls to keep the US military out of their borders if they're that upset about unwelcome people streaming in without permission.

Gotta love pretzel logic.


Surprises Aplenty said...

In response to the meme picture, no I don't remember that. STATE OF EMERGENCY: no.
Slow, steady compromise and discussion: yes.

Huh. Exactly the opposite of what the meme suggests.

Kevin Kim said...

"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."
—Nancy Pelosi

Controversy = not everyone was on board with the bill. In fact, quite a few people weren't. And the outrage only got worse once people did find out what the law entailed. So, yes: many US citizens feels the ACA was crammed down their throats, very much against their will.

Keep your policy/doctor = lie, for many people (see left-leaning Politifact)
Lower premiums = lie, for many people whose premiums actually ballooned

State of emergency is going to happen. Suits by 16 states to counteract it are already being drawn up.

To be fair, obstructionism against the wall is coming from both Democrats and Republicans. The latter are petrified—especially if they live in blue states—that voting for building the wall will mean they won't be reelected. Dems and Reps are primarily concerned with perpetuating their jobs, not with issues of sovereignty and security.

Slow, steady compromise and discussion would indeed be nice. I totally agree with you. A US liberal would emphasize "steady"; a US conservative would emphasize "slow." But these are polarized times, so people do what they must.

I see the whole affair as an enormous, wasted opportunity for the GOP. When they had control of both houses of Congress, they could have enacted all sorts of legislation. The GOP chose cowardly dithering instead. Now, with the Dems controlling the House, funding for GOP pet projects will be pinched off.

Maybe it's for the best. A Congress at war with itself, unable to get anything meaningful done, is what most regular-Joe conservatives want, anyway.