Monday, February 04, 2019

one good thing

At least one good thing came out of my abortive hike to Hanam City: my Gregory Baltoro 85 backpack's rain shield proved itself worthy of the brand name. My backpack was utterly dry after 80 minutes in the rain. Jolly good show.


Charles said...

Makes me wonder if it might not then be worth it to try putting the poncho on first and then the pack over that.

Kevin Kim said...

Maybe with a thinner poncho, yeah. You'll recall from my "échec" post, though, that I did try putting the poncho on first, but I was unable to cinch the hip belt closed. What's funny is that that would've been less of a problem over the next few days as I began losing inches around the waist. Ah, well.

Charles said...

Right, I knew it was something.

For what it's worth, when HJ and I got our ponchos for our hike on the Speyside Way in Scotland, we ordered them from Amazon and got these huge, sturdy (and thus much heavier than your standard thin plastic variety) things that one person could easily throw over a large pack. I didn't mention this because I knew you didn't have time to order anything from Amazon, but it is something you might want to look into, if only to have for the future. I can dig our ponchos out and get you the brand name if you're interested (or I can show you at the end of the month).