Tuesday, February 26, 2019

two reviews coming soon

About two weeks ago, I watched "Creed II," but for whatever reason, I haven't gotten around to reviewing it. Last night, I watched the now-Oscar-winning documentary "Free Solo," about Alex Honnold's free-solo climb (i.e., alone and without special equipment) of El Capitan along a 3000-foot (914-meter) face.

In the meantime, to distract you, here's Alex Honnold's TED Talk about his climb:

And here's Alex Honnold giving his expert opinion on rock-climbing in the movies:

Watching "Free Solo" just made me more pumped to try doing a nearly 58-kilometer walk this weekend. (The forecast for Saturday continues to improve.) Sure, if I succeed, my achievement will be minuscule compared to Honnold's free-solo climb, which some are hailing as "the greatest athletic achievement in history." That said, 57.8 kilometers' walking, with no break, will be a personal best for me. I hope I don't ruin my feet in the attempt.

Anyway, reviews are coming soon.

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