Saturday, March 09, 2019

the nothing weekend

Since I'm not doing my big walk this weekend, I'm concentrating on doing some errands and working on my book project. I'm about to step out and do a bit of shopping for both next week's meals and the upcoming goodbye party that I'll be hosting at our office on Friday, March 22. So this weekend will be about errands and prep and other little things—pretty boring, all in all. Here's my task list, just to bore you further:

• buy real N95 masks (I had bought some fakey Korean knockoffs)
• shop for groceries (which I'm about to do)
• make chili for chili dogs
• make tapioca pudding
• make ranch dressing (since I have spare sour cream)
• cook cod-and-roasted-corn recipe (lunch prep for upcoming week)
• work on book project
• take a long walk, maybe out to Ddukseom (firecrotch experiment to see level of healing)
• take out garbage (about to do that as I leave my place)

Sometime soon, I also have to think about doing a brisket experiment in advance of the party. A coworker of mine, for whom I had bought a slab of brisket, said that the slow-cooker version of it came out a lot more tender than the oven version (like me, he was keen to see how the two cooking methods compared), but he also said he ended up liking both versions. I'm planning to brine my brisket before going the oven route. We'll see how that works out.

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