Wednesday, September 16, 2020

one final look before goodbye

Sean sends me and my brother David this final photo of Sean's chihuahua Maqz, who will be put down in just a few hours. Sean writes:

He’s sleeping right now under Mom’s old Christmas sweater that I’ve kept with me all these years. After he goes later today, I’ll be snipping a piece of the sleeve to send with him on his journey to see her again. He’ll be able to remember the scent faster to find her faster.

Godspeed, Maqz.

Flags are at half-staff today, so this will likely be the only thing I blog.

UPDATE: earlier today (Wednesday, Seoul time), I got the update from Sean that Maqz was now on his way. He says, "Things are somber, but we're okay." I guess that's all there is to say about that. I wrote to Sean:

I don't know much about afterlife-related matters, but if there is an afterlife, then I hope Maqz is busy chasing after all his favorite things. You guys mentioned Mom, so here's hoping that, when he's done with a good day of running around, Maqz returns to her and gets pampered the way he used to here below. That would be a dog's heaven, I think.

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