Sunday, August 10, 2003

the dangers of nosepicking

I thought about calling this "Thought for the Day" or "The Real-life Mad-Eye Moody," but... nah.

I don't advise that you explore if you have a weak stomach (or if you're up-tight), but if you want to see the only gross picture that truly, truly, truly disturbs me, this is it [ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LOOK if you are easily revolted!!!!!]. is chock-full of gross and disturbing stuff, but because I used to be a big lover of biology, I'm actually not all that grossed out by watching surgery or staring at corpses or viewing most mutilations. They just don't bother me that much. I look at such images very clinically (and in case you're wondering, NO, they don't "do anything for me"). But the guy in the "Motorcycle" pic is clearly alive, and that, my friend, is what disturbs me.

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