Wednesday, August 03, 2005

wanna see what pain looks like?

This link takes you over to my buddy T'am Gu Ja's blog, where you'll see a pair of photos of a creature in extreme agony. Don't click the link if you've got a soft spot for dogs. What you see will not-- I repeat, NOT-- be pleasant.

UPDATE, March 6, 2011: My buddy's blog no longer exists, so here's the awful image:

I have only just managed to rip myself away from this image to type out this blog entry. I have no clue why this is freaking me out so much. I've seen movie gore, I've laughed at some of the grosser corpses shown on (electrocutions, bear attacks, bullet-exploded heads), and yet somehow these two pics, which don't show a human being, have affected me more viscerally than almost any other image I've seen online.

Maybe you won't be freaked. Maybe you'll look at the pics and shrug. That's fine; I have no clue why I find myself covered in goosebumps and swearing at the monitor. Maybe it's just me. As injuries go, these aren't life-threatening. But have a look if you dare, and think about what sort of pain the dog must be in.

Christ Almighty fuck. I'm gonna go look at the pics again, because I can't fucking help myself. This is horrifying and riveting, all at the same time.

UPDATE: Then again, the dog likely has something to worry about:

Quills are not poisoned, but animals may die from a porcupine encounter if the quills prevent eating. Porcupines often fall on their own quills. Likely as an evolutionary result, the quills possess mild antibiotic properties.

Quills are sharp-pointed, fitted with microscopic barbs, and expand on contact with warm flesh. Muscle contractions in a quill victim work the quill deeper, as much as an inch per day unless quills are removed promptly.

Multiply that last sentence a couple hundred times and maybe you'll understand what the dog is going through.

UPDATE 2: T'am Gu Ja confirms: the dog is a pit bull that decided to attack a porcupine. While I'm no fan of pit bulls, I can't help but pity this poor, stupid beast.


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