Saturday, December 30, 2006

the deed is done

As the whole world now knows, Saddam has been executed.

You have to wonder what Kim Jong Il is thinking right now. Ceaucescu... Saddam... the close association of words like "swinging" and "dictator" ought to be causing a bit of mental static for the little guy.

A bit of reading on hanging shows that there are several forms: short drop, standard drop, long drop, and suspension. I hope Saddam got either short drop or suspension so that, just for a few minutes, he could experience some of what he had inflicted on his people. While I wasn't an advocate of the war, believe me, I consider this a happy circumstance. Kudos to the troops who dug him out of that spider hole in 2003.

UPDATE: I went over to Mike's blog and saw his Saddam post, which mentioned some ambivalence about the dictator's execution-- not because Mike thought he didn't deserve death, but because of the ramifications of martyring Saddam before his various trials had concluded. I understand and agree with Mike's doubts on that score, and I wanted to make it clear to people who read both the Hairy Chasms and Naked Villainy that my cartoon's text was not a response to Mike's ruminations: I whipped up the cartoon before I visited Mike's site. I suspect that Mike and I share the same grim satisfaction at the news of Saddam's execution-- whether performed sooner or later, the brute fact of Saddam's death is, of itself, reason to hoist a pint-- or at least a Coke-- with some friends.

UPDATE 2: Wow. I wonder how old this GIF image is. Saddam apparently refused to wear a hood. I imagine will be flooded with hits once the video of Saddam's hanging is leaked to the world.


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