Thursday, August 06, 2020

Joe Biden's cringey mottos


The "Reopen Right" slogan at least has the poetic quality of alliteration. Aside from that, though, it's a lie: "Reopen Right!" is code language for "let's delay reopening the economy for as long as we can—possibly forever!" An execrable, mendacious slogan that also seems inadvertently to shill for the right, as in the right wing.

Next, we have Biden's other goofy slogan:


You're kidding, right? While also alliterative, this is only tenuously grammatical (it's actually more of a diction issue: who on Earth uses the phrasal verb "build back" without adding an extra preposition, e.g., "build [X] back up"?), which may be reassuring to people who want Biden's slogan to be consistent with Creepy Joe's slipping grasp of his native tongue. I'm not even sure that I grasp what exactly the slogan is trying to say. Is "build back" a reference to our debased status thanks to the ravages of the pandemic? Well, all of that diminishment can be laid at the feet of the stupid Democrats who fearfully insist on keeping everything locked down and gummed up. The US could easily have been on the same footing as South Korea months ago had the cowards not been in control. South Korea has been repeatedly proving that you can "flatten the curve" and allow business in your country to proceed. Trump chose the federalist route for the pandemic, but this proved to be an opportunity for one side of the aisle to fuck things up for both sides of the aisle. If anyone needs to build back better, it's the left-Democrats, who have done so much to ruin the country, and who refuse to see the trail of shit they're laying down in their wake. They're like our very own China.


Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

You've misquoted. The motto is actually:


The Biden campaign is currently deconstructing Biden. When finished with that, the campaign will build him back better than before. If this works and Biden wins the presidency, Biden's administration will attempt the same with America.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I meant to say slogan. You can correct that if you wish.


Kevin Kim said...

One of's definitions for "slogan" calls the slogan a (species of?) motto, so there's some degree of interchangeability there. I used "motto" in my post's title, then "slogan" thereafter, and I'm not losing any sleep over that, so neither should you. (one tab over from shows both of these words as existing within each other's semantic fields, so we're both safe.