Monday, July 06, 2009

belated Happy Birthday

This blog, at which I only rarely post these days because I'm busy posting about my mother's cancer at the other blog, turned 6 on July 4th.

Not to worry: at some point, I'll be back full-time on this blog. Might be another few years, but I'll eventually return.

[silence, crickets chirping]



  1. Happy Bloggy-Versary to you! Or your blog, anyway.

    Hey! Where da Fucked Up Soup at?

  2. Fuck those crickets!! I've been watching your hairy chasms for years now. I have you in my google reader. That means You make the slightest little toot, and you'll pop up on my radar. It's that simple.

    anyone not following the better blogs in google reader, doesn't know the intertoobs



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