Friday, February 12, 2010

revving up

This blog will be starting up again soon. It never went dead, of course, but I did avoid posting very much here over the past year or two. Right now, I'm checking the blog for holes and leaks, revving its engine a bit, slapping some pink back into its tentacles, and making sure the thing is still drivable. I already see, from an examination of my sidebar, that certain links are now dead and will have to be dealt with. (I also see that the Photobucket censors decided that some of my pics were too graphic for their Terms of Service). In addition to cropping parts of the sidebar, I might also want to add some links from my other blog, which will remain open as a memorial to my mother, who died this past January 6. If you followed our family's ordeal from April 16, 2009 to now, thank you. At some point, I'll be writing a book about what it's been like to deal with Mom's cancer.

How will the tone of the Hairy Chasms change in light of the past ten months? Will Kevin now be older, wiser, more serious, and less of an asshole? Will his blog now show greater focus and increased dedication to writerly excellence?

Or will readers be disappointed to see yet more jokes about using one's scrotum as a drogue when decelerating on the salt flats?

Stay thou tunèd and find out.

UPDATE: I'm switching templates from my old, archaic, 2003-era HTML one to what I hope will be a slightly better CSS framework. You'll notice plenty of cosmetic changes over the next few weeks as I rebuild my sidebar and add all manner of doodads to the blog.



  1. Co-inkydinky! I checked in here today for the first time in - oh - years.

    Good to see the old chasms back in business.

  2. Thanks, Anne, for stopping by. I'll be back to full splootage shortly, though it might take a while to rediscover my original tone and rhythm.

  3. whatever the tone ill be visiting often

  4. and one request: can you create (unless you already did) a comments rss feed? thanks

  5. ah! nevermind i found it!

  6. Fantastic! I'm really glad you'll be blogging here again, Kevin. By thoughts have been with you and are still with you, by the way.

  7. It's about f'n time Kevin.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be:

    Thanks Anne, for stopping by versus thanks, Anne, for stopping by?

    I'm no grammarian, but that won't stop me from tweaking your nose if it will goad you into posting on a semi-regular basis...


  8. I expect that we'll see an older, wiser, more serious Kevin making jokes about using one's unmentionable as a drogue when decelerating on salt flats.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  9. If future Hominid posts are devoid of juvenile humor, then indeed the terrorists have won.



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