Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a Brazilian luncheon (courtesy of my brother David)

And the foodblogging continues! Considering how much food I've assaulted you with in recent days, we should call this foodflogging. Anyway, here are some pics sent to me by my brother David, who's currently in Brazil with his lovely bride Patricia, enjoying good eats made by the in-laws. David and Patricia got married in a tiny ceremony this past March; they're in Brazil to have a full-scale wedding-- a way to make things "official" for the traditionalists in Patricia's family. To add to the insanity, D and P are planning to have a third wedding-- also full-scale-- once they're back in the States. That's supposed to happen next year.

But back to our muttons. Here's the food. Captions are visible if you hover your cursor over each image (labels were provided by David in his email).

Too bad I'm not in Brazil right now. David's in-laws-- well, my in-laws, too-- seem like very cool people.


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