Sunday, November 25, 2012

delectable aftermath

Ah, the awful tragedy of leftovers. Below, we see a panful of Thanksgiving remainders that I had to take back with me: David and Patricia left for Brazil for two weeks (they're having a second wedding ceremony, primarily for Patricia's relatives and friends), so they didn't want any Turkey Day leftovers stuck in their fridge, where they would only rot. Dr. Steve drove the leftovers back to my apartment in Appalachia, to be stuck in my fridge, while I ferried the happy couple to Dulles Airport for their evening flight.

This was yesterday's lunch-- heated in a pan at 375 degrees for twenty minutes:

Then re-plated:

Today's enormous lunch wasn't much different. Ma coupe d├ęborde. I can look forward to many more lunches, just like this, in the days to come.


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