Thursday, November 22, 2012

gearing up

I'm going to be cooking my choucroute either tonight or early tomorrow morning, as I'm supposed to be over at my brother David's house in Alexandria by 11:30AM or noon, and David's oven is going to be stuffed with a turkey. Rather than fight for oven space, I decided it would be better to prep the victuals here in Appalachia.

In prep-related news: having been duly warned about the dangers of bad beer by my buddy Mike, I've decided to toss the two remaining Heinekens (that's an awful brand, by the way; how does anyone drink that piss?) in favor of buying either two replacement bottles of beer or perhaps a bottle of wine.

I promise a photo of all the meaty glory once the choucroute has been cooked. Depending on how amenable folks are to being digitally captured, I may have other pics of tomorrow's Thanksgiving celebration/shenanigans as well.

Can't say whether I'll be posting anything more today, so if you don't hear from me, I wish all of you readers-- the faithful and the sporadic, the frequent commenters and the silent lurkers-- a very Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you may be. It's already Thanksgiving Day for Americans in Korea, so to that crowd, too, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving. May you all, everywhere, find yourselves surrounded by family and friends, cheer and goodwill. Eat much turkey, exchange many warm hugs and funny stories, and for God's sakes, save room for pie.



  1. Agreed on the Heineken.

    If you go the beer route, might I suggest a dark beer? Maybe a dunkel, although I suppose a stout would be interesting as well.

  2. I was thinking of sticking with the bière blonde recommended in the recipe. Do you think dunkler ist besser?

  3. I'm thinking it might impart a richer flavor to the dish. Of course, it's your dish, so you go with what you're comfortable with. I have no idea if you're a dunkel kind of guy, so it's a tough call to make.

    I'll just have to try a dunkel (or maybe even go crazy and dump a can of Guinness in there) the next time I whip a batch.



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