Thursday, November 15, 2012

when will the hammer fall?

I haven't had to teach Iblis for two straight weeks, possibly longer. It seems the teaching of Iblis has fallen almost exclusively to Lily (not her real name), a fact for which I feel somewhat guilty. Although I've never once told our supervisors that I refuse to teach the little monster, I have, I admit, been rather vocal about insisting that Iblis come only for one-hour sessions, and have also been quite frank about how I feel about the kid. It may be that the office has taken my whingeing into account, and has quietly decided to give the burden of Iblis to the ever-tolerant, never-whingeing Lily. This is a dismaying turn of events, because no one should be over-burdened with that kid. I don't exactly fear for Lily's sanity-- she's tough-- but I do worry about her general stress levels.

There's also the chance that the office is simply scheduling Iblis to be with Lily for no particular reason at all, in which case a certain karmic buildup is occurring and, like a cosmic dam bursting, I'll soon find myself having several Iblis-tainted sessions in a row. It's this latter scenario that makes me wonder when, exactly, the hammer is going to fall. In any case, I don't have Iblis this week. I'm morbidly curious to see whether my streak of luck continues in the weeks ahead.


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