Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Saturday event

I showed my Golden Goose coworker my pulled-pork blog post; he emailed the link to a female friend of his who's into Carolina barbecue; she apparently proclaimed herself hungry, but she also shot back that it was "a sin" to use an expensive cut like sirloin. On the contrary, young lady, sirloin is a relatively cheap cut compared to more artisanal cuts like flank, hanger, strip, and the king of them all: tenderloin (you probably know this as filet mignon when dealing with beef). I also think some Carolinians commit a massive sin when they use mustard instead of regular red barbecue sauce, so you'll pardon me if I take this young lady's reaction with a bit of salt.

Anyway, I've got two friends coming over this Saturday to partake of my pulled pork: Charles and Tom will both be over. It's just going to be a comfort-food sort of day—nothing special, nothing fancy. The pork will be the star of the show. This time around, I might use Coca Cola as the slow-cooking liquid: I kicked myself for not having used it last time around. Coke is the secret weapon for many a northern-Virginia ajumma who runs a Korean restaurant and marinates galbi. It ought to work equally well for slow-cooked pork.



  1. And you must make some tater salad to be truly authentic!

  2. Looking forward to some rib-sticking vittles!

  3. Annie,

    Is that how it's done in Texas? Will I be ridden out on a rail if I just serve potato chips?

  4. Well, as a long time resident of South Carolina I must take exception to your disparaging comments regarding mustard based bbq sauce. I find the yellow quite tasty. Of course, I enjoy the red as well.

    Can't we all just get along?

  5. John,

    Maybe the yellow I had was done wrong. I'm open to revising my opinion, but what I had was just... odd.



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