Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the struggle back down to 116 kg

As you'll recall, I went from 126 kg to 116 kg during my trek earlier this year: a ten-kilo loss, or 22 pounds in 26 days—almost a pound a day. In the intervening months, I've somehow managed to keep from instantly regaining all that weight: until recently, I'd been hovering around 119 kg, i.e., a three-kilo gain. While I'm not happy about regaining any weight, I'm glad the situation isn't worse.

Lately, I've been back to creekside walking—my old 14-staircase routine, not the new, badass, 28-staircase workout. I had to take a week off, two weeks ago, when I fell ill, but I'm back outside and walking despite a lingering cough and mucus-y rattle. I'll return to 28 staircases once I shake this cold or whatever it is, but in the meantime, I think I've trained enough for my upcoming walk to Incheon and back.

Because I'm now walking the creekside almost every single day, and because I'm also cutting back a bit on what I gobble for lunch and dinner, my weight is slipping down again. Tonight, post-walk, I weighed myself and got a result of 117.5 kg, which puts me 1.5 kg away from my current goal weight of 116 kg exactly. I'm supposed to be attending a cousin's wedding this coming Saturday, so I want to be down to my post-trek weight by then. I think this is doable as long as I keep working out.

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