Tuesday, January 18, 2022

that scene

I recently wrote my review of "Pig," starring Nicolas Cage. After I wrote the review, I went on a review-watching binge among movie reviewers I know of on YouTube, and I quickly discovered that just about everybody—almost every single reviewer—mentions the same specific scene I mentioned in my review. I guess it affected us all the same way. It really is an incredible scene, and while I recommend that you watch it in the context of the movie, the scene itself is available on YouTube for those who can't wait:

I have a feeling the above video might end up getting yanked, so watch it soon if you must!

A bit of background about the scene: Rob Feld used to be a well-known chef in Portland. After losing his wife, he moved into the Oregonian wilderness and has been there the past fifteen years, living in a simple shack, communing with nature, cooking awesome meals for himself, and collecting truffles that he sells to young Amir, who resells them to Portland restaurants. Feld's truffle pig is stolen, and he's now in Portland hunting for it, using what connections he has to find it. In the above scene, Feld, who looks disheveled because of the simple life he leads, and who is bloodied because he's been asking for information in the local underground-fighting circuit, has tracked down a former employee who is now the head chef of Eurydice, a posh and avant-garde restaurant.

I'm glad the above clip ends where it does because the revelation at the very end of the scene is crucial to the plot and shouldn't be spoiled.

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