Saturday, January 22, 2022


Meat Loaf: dead at 74. Nickname came from a football coach. Real name: Marvin Lee Aday. Cause of death: many are saying COVID. He was certainly in the danger demographic.

Can't say I ever really appreciated his music. I do, however, remember his memorable turn as Robert Paulson in "Fight Club"—the dude with "bitch tits" who ends up getting his head blown out. Mr. Loaf had apparently been anti-vaccine mandate. RIP, O Bat out of Hell.

UPDATE: oh, noes! Comedian Louie Anderson also just died at age 68. Too many ululates!


  1. RIP Meat Loaf. Promised I would do anything never to listen to his musical anthem again (after hearing it hundreds of times on the radio when I was younger), but when I heard the news today, I just couldn't help but do that. And you know what, it's still just as catchy, three decades on. One thing's for sure though, they'll be rocking out along the River Styx tonight.

  2. Sad news.

    I was in marching band in high school, and we traveled around a lot for competitions (which is what most of my memories are from; playing half-time shows at our home football games was probably the least interesting part of the whole experience). "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" was a staple on those long bus trips, and I can remember belting it out along with everyone else. In that regard, I guess Meatloaf was a pretty important part of my high school experience.



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