Friday, January 21, 2022

word salad

I wrote this in the comments section of Instapundit (see this post), and it got both a lot of likes and even an "LOL" or two from some respondents:

REPORTER: The UK is dropping its mask mandate. Will the US follow suit?
BIDEN: Pizza triangulation smoke frogfucker.
REPORTER: Is that a yes?
BIDEN: Farthole momentum drive-train rabbits.
REPORTER: Could you clarify, sir?
BIDEN: Candy-coated testicle surgery.
REPORTER: Thank you, Mr. President.


Today, President Joe Biden clearly addressed the question of whether the United States would follow the example of the United Kingdom and drop the mask mandate country-wide. Biden expressed optimism that a decision may be made on the issue in due time.

I think the sad part is that the final paragraph of my comment is an accurate depiction of the so-called palace-guard media, which spends its days covering for Biden's many senile gaffes. "Move along... nothing to see here." As far as I'm concerned, the mainstream media can't die off fast enough. This is one thing the alt-media talking heads have gotten wrong: for years, they've been saying the MSM is dying and will disappear soon, but the MSM's pockets are deep, and stupid viewers who credulously consume MSM garbage are legion. The MSM isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Not without the help of concerted, probably violent, action. Next time people want to storm the Capitol, they should think about invading, trashing, and burning down MSM offices instead. In the alt-media world, you've got real journalists interested in the actual truth who do what they do for little to no pay. On the MSM networks, it's nothing but rich, pampered, big-haired, clueless clowns reading teleprompters and unabashedly supporting leftie Democrat causes.

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  1. Yep, the Fourth Estate, as I learned when I was an aspiring journalist, is the pillar that keeps the three branches of government honest. Or at least it is supposed to. Having become toadies to the agenda of the swamp rats, the mainstream media has lost its credibility and ability to stand up for the rights of the American people. A truly free press is a defender of truth and justice, regardless of who is in power. Those days are long gone I'm afraid.



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