Friday, December 31, 1999

at the office

[Originally posted on December 14, 2022, at 11:30 a.m.]

I tried, I really did, but I couldn't bring myself to go to that damn event. I took a cab out to the Coex Center, took escalators to the third floor, saw nothing but silent, empty conference rooms (the event is supposed to be in an auditorium), decided not to ask anyone for directions, said Fuck it, and cabbed back to my office, where I am now. 

My two coworkers have both tried to call me; I've ignored their calls. At the office, no one is here, presumably because everyone's at the event, acting like the hive-mind drones they are. One of the departments here was responsible for organizing the event, so I don't blame those people for being gone, but everyone else is a drone.

Nice and quiet where I am. I assume I'll see my boss later; he wasn't invited to the event (something about how he's not an employee despite having been on contract), so he never planned to go. I might also see my coworkers later unless they go home directly.

Better to sit in blessed silence than endure a bunch of stupid, pointless speeches, PowerPoints, song-and-dance numbers, and yet more fucking speeches.

As I've told people in the past: I feel a certain loyalty to some people within the company, but I feel no loyalty to the company itself. This place fucked me over when I first arrived, paying me well below my asking salary (a sudden change they made a week before I was to sign my contract), and then they strung me along for three years before finally consenting to pay my initial asking salary. I don't owe this company a thing, and as I said in my other post, I'm not celebrating thirty years of cribbing from other people's material.


John Mac said...

There you are! I found you! Everyone has been looking for you.

Well, I understand your feelings I just hope there are no repercussions. I wasn't clear if attendance had been deemed mandatory, but if so, then you are technically insubordinate and AWOL.

I'm trying to remember if you hadn't been warned in the past about non-participation in these gatherings?

And oh yeah, the non-invite to your boss, because he's a contractor, seems really f'd up to me. Talk about team-building; what the hell?

Kevin Kim said...

If the company is so petty as to penalize me for not attending a celebration, then I have no trouble walking out the door.