Wednesday, July 24, 2024

RNC, etc. stuff

To be clear, RNC here means the Republican National Convention, not the Republican National Committee.

Byron Donalds is gracious despite not being the VP pick:

Trump up after VP pick:

Winston Marshall has thoughts:

Just how blue or red is my home state?

Hung Cao at the RNC:

Tucker at the RNC:

Part of Trump's RNC speech:

Styx on Trump as the real Comeback Kid:

Hulk Hogan??? Yes: Hulk Hogan.

Fabio redux

I first learned of the Fabio accident while watching Scots-American Craig Ferguson on YouTube doing standup in Nashville (2009—old video). Here's the relevant bit, in which Craig talks about male model Fabio, doing publicity work by riding a new roller coaster and getting hit in the face by a goose. I thought this had been made up by Craig just for his show, but there are actual photos of the freak event! Anyway, here's the relevant bit from Craig's show:

Fast-forward to now. The Slow Mo Guys video below recreates the Fabio incident with a ballistics-gel duck and an eye-popping model of Fabio (that also has trouble retaining its hair). Mythbusters alum Adam Savage guest stars. Poor Fabio.

BREAKING: Kimberly Cheatle is outta here

Headline (paywall):

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle Resigns

Kimberly Cheatle, the director of the U.S. Secret Service, has resigned.

“I take full responsibility for the security lapse,” she said in the email to Secret Service staff on July 23. “In light of recent events, it is with a heavy heart that I have made the difficult decision to step down as your director.”

Ms. Cheatle, who was sworn in as director in 2022, had previously rebuffed calls to resign in the wake of the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump.

Lots of people initially refusing to step down, then stepping down. Good.

Styx on the current chaos

They're going to try to groom Kamala to make her look prettier, smarter, and more affable than she really is (lipstick on a pig):

Styx thinks Biden had a stroke and that his "call" to Kamala was pre-recorded:

The Dems will now use ageism against Trump (who will be happy to face her):

palace coup!

The Democrats really don't like democracy when it comes to who selects potential leaders. Here's Chris Chappell with his always-humorous take on the craziness:

One immutable truth is that the left always eats its own.

evasive answers and lack of accountability

Headline (Not the Bee):

The Secret Service director [Kim Cheatle] isn't answering basic questions for the Oversight Committee so Jim Jordan went nuclear on her

The "article" isn't so much an article as a series of tweets, each prefaced by an editorial remark, which I'm pasting here. Click the above link to see the full display.

  • "I need an undisclosed amount of time before I can answer any questions about my absolute failure." —Kim Cheatle, essentially.
  • Rep. Jim Jordan turned up the heat after her stonewalling
  • Even the answers she did give were damning
  • (from a tweet) Good lord. US Secret Service Director Cheatle just testified that the building the shooter tried to assassinate Trump from was not in their security perimeter that day. The building 150 yards from a former president & current candidate for president w/ a direct line of sight?!
  • But she still thinks she's the best person to lead the Secret Service!
  • She did say, however, that she takes "full responsibility."
  • If that's so, why hasn't she resigned??

It should be the rule that, when people come before Congress and give evasive nonanswers, they should be taken forthwith to a nearby courtyard to be drawn and quartered. Just a few such sessions ought to convince later people not to stonewall.

ADDENDUM: Crooks's movements, tracked. (Scary. The ability to track, I mean.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024


That's what racist dickhead Adam Schiff asked, in case you're wondering.

I'm gonna find and sue the person who put my picture up there.

women drivers, am I right?