Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The time has come, Dear Reader, to send this perverse, chaotic mass of verbiage and imagery off to its bedroom for a year(s)-long siesta. As noted before, this isn't the end of the Hairy Chasms; I'll be posting here every now and again over the course of the next year or two.

But for those among you who have been dedicated readers, willing to follow me through thick and thin (or, in this case, from thick to thin as my upcoming Walk whittles me down to a less freakish size), I encourage you to keep tabs on the madness over at Kevin's Walk.

The time has come to focus more acutely on what lies ahead, which means the tomfoolery has got to go. It's been fun, and it'll be fun again: this isn't adios, after all... it's merely one last, desperate French kiss and boob squeeze to tide us over until we meet again.

See you at the other blog. In the meantime:

may rainbows shine from your anus,
may you shit gold nuggets and filthy little leprechauns,
and may you never accidentally fuck anyone's pet.

ONE LAST UPDATE: We had our "midterm" evaluations last week, and I got the results back just now.

My 7:40AM Level 2 class gave me a 96.7%.
My 8:50AM Level 2 class gave me a 90%, the bastards.
My noon Current Events English class gave me a 100%. The love is mutual.
My 1:30PM Level 2 class gave me a 100%.
My Pronunciation Clinic class gave me a 94.7%.

If we simply average the five classes, my final average is 96.28%.

If we calculate the whole mess by taking the average of all the individual sheets, we get 945 points out of 980 (each student can award a maximum of 35 points), which is a 96.4%.

A 96% either way. Story of my life.

In case you were wondering about student numbers:

My 7:40AM Level 2 class turned in 7 eval forms.
My 8:50AM Level 2 class turned in 4 eval forms, the bastards.
My noon Current Events English class turned in 8 eval forms. The love is mutual.
My 1:30PM Level 2 class turned in 2 eval forms (only 3 students in this class).
My Pronunciation Clinic class turned in 7 eval forms (10 students were there that day... did 3 students abstain?).



Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Bye, Kevin. Is there yet time for a get-together with the gang?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Stafford said...

I'll miss the regular tomfoolery. Time to change my bookmark.
See you on the other side! (And good luck for that little stroll you're doing!)
-Stafford "The Chosun Bimbo" :-)

Anonymous said...

Yew goh sleepie... goh sleepie..

Goh Goh mah...

Yoh Yoh mah...

kwandongbrian said...

And so I climb one step higher in the K-blogosphere hierarchy.

Best of luck and be careful out there!

Unknown said...


The best of luck to you on your journey(s).


Malcolm Pollack said...

Good luck, Kevin! You're leaving an enormous, hairy chasm in all of our daily lives...

Anonymous said...

Godspeed, Kevin.

If you need a stopover near Charlottesville the door is open.

gordsellar said...

Ditto Malcolm Pollack. Awwwwwww. Damn. But cool on you for doing something new! Walk, man, walk!