Tuesday, March 16, 2010

send a hug

My e-friend Jelly (those who know her know her real name) is back in Canada to be with her dad, who is dying of metastatic stomach and liver cancer, and has perhaps days to live.

Every cancer crisis is unique, but having just come out of a similarly hellish experience, I have some small idea of what Jelly and her family are going through. One major difference, though, is that her dad still possesses his faculties: this isn't brain cancer. Luckily (if the word "luckily" even applies in this situation), he's receiving meds that are, one hopes, reducing his suffering. Jelly notes, however, that her dad is in a lot of pain.

If you want to send Jelly a compassionate message, now's the time. Her blog-- specifically, the relevant blog post-- is here. My thoughts are with her, her dad, and her family.


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