Friday, November 09, 2012

shenanigans were not shenanigans

I called Enterprise yesterday to extend the rental period on my car; I was expecting to pay about $217 plus tax for an extra seven days' rental at $31/day, but I ended up being charged only $148. I was outside the office as I was talking to the service rep; traffic was noisy, and I couldn't understand the rep's rationale for the bizarre amount of the charge. I did hear him say something about a "security deposit of $100," which set off alarm bells in my head, but there was no point in pursuing the conversation at that moment-- I simply couldn't hear the guy's answers.

So I called Enterprise again this morning. It turns out that Enterprise, in covering the extra days, pro-rated my original $200 security deposit and applied it to the cost of the rental extension. Then, instead of re-debiting me for another $200 security deposit, they "gave me a break" and saddled me with only a $100 deposit. So the remaining $48 covers the cost of the rental extension, including taxes and fees. The upshot is that my bank account won't be as low as I had thought it would, and at the end of the rental period, I'll get $100 back.

Which works out fine for me.



Charles said...

Must be nice to get a break now and then.

Kevin Kim said...

The news came as a relief. I've spent so long feeling paranoid about being screwed over that Enterprise's move was a genuine surprise.