Tuesday, April 07, 2015


The above title is Elisson's preferred Germanic spelling for a Yiddish word meaning something like "foolishness" (various romanizations of the word abound). Here at the Hairy Chasms, I engage in Narrischkeit perhaps more often than I should, but such is the nature of the beast who runs this blog. If you're looking for all substance all the time, then look elsewhere. And pull the stick out of your ass so you can enjoy life.

What set me to chortling during the witching hour was this little GIF essay from CollegeHumor.com: "15 Cartoon Images Made Inappropriate by a Single Logo." The logo, in this instance, is Brazzers. For those of you innocent lambs who are completely unfamiliar with porn, Brazzers is a huge online source of throbbing, veiny, wet, and pungent adult entertainment. My favorites from the College Humor site are #11, #12, and the implied glory hole in #14. Enjoy. You're welcome.


1 comment:

  1. Those were good. #6 and #9 didn't even require the logo to make me go WTF?



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