Tuesday, August 09, 2016

post-doc redux

The doc didn't have much to say about the urine glucose except that it was "good." My glycated hemoglobin stands at 7.8 mmol/L (under 7%), which the doc deems pre-diabetic and worthy of meds, but not in the danger zone. Same goes for blood pressure and cholesterol, i.e., borderline high. So: a month of meds prescribed for ol' Uncle Kevin, but the doc isn't alarmed by the numbers. We'll see, next month, how much they'll have gone down.

The doc did say something depressing, though: in terms of what influences the numbers more, it's the meds, not exercise, that will do the trick at a ratio of about 70% meds to 30% exercise. I take this to mean that the meds can produce immediate results whereas exercise (and, presumably, diet) can have a deeper long-term influence, but I'm not really sure that that's what the doc intended. I also find myself rejecting this notion, somewhat, based on so much anecdotal evidence that it's possible to get healthy enough to wean oneself off meds. I suppose that's going to have to be a new personal goal: reaching a point where the doc says I don't need meds anymore, and to get the hell out of his office.

As for dizziness: the doc didn't dwell on the matter. His immediate suspicion is blood pressure. I'll report back to him in a month, I guess, unless something serious happens, in which case I'll see him sooner.

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