Tuesday, September 19, 2017

quesadillas: a hit at the office today

Today, I served shrimp-and-chorizo quesadillas—the dish I wasn't able to bring this past Friday. Sorry about the lack of pictures: the staff loved them, and I soon ran out. I didn't eat a quesadilla myself (some folks had seconds), but I still have plenty of ingredients to make more quesadillas at my apartment.

The comments I got today were weird but positive. My Aussie coworker joked that, thanks to my cooking, he wished he were more "curious," i.e., he'd consider a relationship with me because I can cook. There were several pleasurable moans of "Sooooo good," and one prim staffer, who never swears, said the quesadillas were "expletive-level delicious."

That's going to be my last food bash for a month. I need to save money, and I also need a rest. Cooking for ten people isn't easy, especially if you do it often.

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