Monday, September 18, 2017

"Why Daenerys Targaryen Sucks and Jon Snow Doesn't"

An interesting "Game of Thrones" commentary that makes admittedly valid points about the TV version of Daenerys Targaryen. I don't, however, think the criticisms obtain when we turn to the book version of Dany: that Dany is much younger, arguably smarter, and more of a proactive leader who, while she does rely on crafty and powerful underlings, is nevertheless her own woman and quite capable of making her own history-altering decisions.


  1. Hard to disagree with the analysis, even if I kind of do in one respect. The problem I have with John Snow (I'll leave out the spoiler here) is that there's not a great deal of nuance to him. John is always going to do the right thing. When there is a conflict, he's going to come down on the side of right, damn the cost. Because of that, there's no real mystery to him. Sure, he struggles with things, but his struggles always end the same way.

    That's not the case with most of the other characters--even Brienne, whose entire character is built on honor, changes her tune in the concluding episode of Season 7. Not John, though, and because of that, he's just not very interesting.

  2. What you say sounds reasonable, and your opinion is consistent with the plethora of "Why the Starks Are Idiots" videos on YouTube. The Starks—except maybe for TV Sansa, and possibly TV Arya as well—don't generally play the game of thrones; they have no ear for politics, nuance, subtlety, and treachery. All that may be changing, though.



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