Friday, October 30, 2020

what JW doesn't know

This weekend, I'll be doing a 20K walk with my friend JW.  We'll be starting at Gyeyang Station, close to Incheon, and walking along the Ara Canal up to the starting point of the Four Rivers bike path.  Once at the starting point, we'll eat lunch at the rest station that sits a half-kilometer away from the certification center, then we'll walk the final two kilometers to the nearest subway station (Cheongra International City Station) and head home.  

The following weekend, we'll head out to Hanam City and do the walk from Hanam to Yangsu Station.  Months ago, JW, his son, and I walked together from Yangsu Station to Yangpyeong City—the final 20K of my crazy 60K walk.

What JW doesn't know is that I plan to give him a bespoke plaque as a Christmas gift, done up to look official and dignified, to celebrate the fact that, once he does the above two segments, he will have completed the 120-kilometer axis from Incheon to Yangpyeong—one of my very favorite segments to walk along the Four Rivers trail.  Who knows—I might also make a tee design for him, and maybe make one for his kids (although I'd have to ask him about routes and distances they've walked:  the kids have walked along paths that I haven't).  We'll see.

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