Saturday, May 15, 2010

quick update

1. We're back from New York, where we had a very nice visit with our church's former pastor and his wife.

2. Mr. Jeong and his brother-in-law have been working on our attic since Tuesday (which is when we left for New York). The changes to the attic, though still in the preliminary phase, are already amazing. They're hammering and drilling away as I write this.

3. Dad's out on errands, including a stop at both Korean and Western grocery stores to pick up ingredients so that I can feed the workers lunch. I've already planned out a menu and will be switching between Korean and American food for the next nine days. Today I'm fixing jjajang-myeon, since I already have the ingredients for it but starting tomorrow (yes, the contractors will be here on Saturday), I'll be using the ingredients that Dad's shopping for today.

4. I've gone through the procedure to delete (not merely deactivate) my Facebook account, having finally made good on all that griping about how Facebook sucks. I had to temporarily reactivate the account to rescue about 150 pages' worth of emails related to Mom's cancer before closing the account for good. What spurred this action was a post by my friend Justin Yoshida. I've read articles about the evils of Facebook, but one of the articles to which Justin has linked, "The Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook," really got me thinking that the time has come to kill this beastie dead. And so I have.


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Justin said...

I still haven't deleted mine! I just have it filled with dead ends. Just last week, somebody tagged me in a photo with Abraham Lincoln and Catwoman.