Monday, May 03, 2010

the rehabilitation of the Big Hominid

May 4th is my mother's birthday. She would have been 67. On that day, I plan to begin my diet and exercise regimen-- a program I laid out in general form last year, but which I've been working on in detail for the past several weeks. The primary goal is to reduce my blood pressure, which has been unconscionably high for a few years, now. I also hope to reduce my weight by cutting off a third of myself-- dropping from a currently blubberous 300 to a more reasonable 200 pounds. Along with those goals, I hope to return to being able to fit some of my older shirts and pants, and to reduce my resting heart rate by at least 20 beats per minute. On top of all that, I hope to improve in the three standard areas of fitness: strength, flexibility, and cardio. By May 4, 2011, there should be a much leaner, meaner, more energetic, and mentally alert Kevin sitting at this keyboard.

None of my fitness goals is impossible. All will require a great deal of effort and dedication, especially given how lazy I am. I think I can achieve my goals within a year.

As always, this blog is a reflection of where I am, mentally, at the moment. I may dedicate this blog to documenting my progress with the fitness program. I think I may also branch out into writing a bit of fiction, or in being more creative in general-- slapping up drawings and paintings and my usual freak show of irreverently Photoshopped images. I'll probably avoid writing much in the way of non-fiction, which will mean minimizing the link-whoring and commentary, while increasing the number and frequency of posts that are more essays in themselves. The cumulative effect of all these changes should be more Kevin-himself and less Kevin-as-commenter.

We'll see how it goes.



Lee Farrand said...

I find that enjoyable exercise like hiking or 'urban exploration' are more useful for keeping up the habit of physical activity. I joined a gym a couple of times, but it tends to get boring and I stop going.
Now that the weather is warmer, Mrs F and I are having some quite nice extended walks around the place.

hahnak said...

i really like your photoshopped stuff. i look forward to what will come.

hahnak said...

also, good luck with your exercise/diet regimen!

and, did you ever see the video of adobe demonstrating the "content aware" features of the future photoshop? it was like magic

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, Lee and Hahna.

I agree, Lee: a gym would be boring, not to mention expensive. I'll be taking advantage of a local park for my cardio; most of my strength and flexibility exercises will be done at home. We live in a nice suburb.

John said...

Good luck with that Kevin. And looking forward to more of your writing, creative or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I also look forward to reading some of your fiction. Good luck with everything.

Kevin Kim said...


Don't hold your breath, man. My fiction sucks-- often deliberately. You can find examples of it on my blog if you use the search window to search for the phrase "100 Below." I've written almost 40 "100 Below" stories, all of which are 100 words or fewer in length.

You might also try searching for "Wounder," a goofy short that I wrote some years ago about a golden retriever trained to become an elite assassin.


Humble thanks. I see that you've been kicking ass and taking names at your blog.

Anonymous said...

Big H~


Rob Schnieder
Seoul, Korea

Malcolm Pollack said...

300! Wow. That's one big hominid. You are going to feel one hell of a lot better.

Good for you!

Kevin Kim said...


A very big hominid, indeed. It's about time I came down from the heights. Or up from the depths. Whichever fat metaphor works better.

Elisson said...

You may be a big hominid, but I never would've guessed 300: you hide it well. But I applaud and encourage you in your effort to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can do anything you set your mind to, if it's enough of a priority!

I'll look forward to seeing how the blog evolves...