Wednesday, December 25, 2013

French Christmas elves

My French brother Dominique sends me pics of his kids for Christmas.

Below: Augustin (a.k.a. Auguste, Gus), the tall one, with little bro Timothé (Tim).

Next: Elder daughter Joséphine (Jo, Jojo), and little sis Héloïse (Hélo, Lolo)—

Regarding my dilemma, Dominique writes:

Pas toujours facile en effet d'avoir le bon équilibre entre l'argent et le bien-être.

Not always easy, in fact, to strike the right balance between money and well-being.



Malcolm Pollack said...

A merry Christmas to you, Kevin!

Bratfink said...

Merry Christmas, to the smartest man I know.


Love the pics of the kids!


Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, Malcolm and Ruth. Merry Christmas to you both, and hugs right back atcha'.