Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the bad news I haven't revealed yet

While I've been farting around with Walk graphics and accepting cash donations (thank you all; you know who you are), there's one thing I haven't wanted to reveal to my readership, largely because it's more than a tad embarrassing:

I've decided to nix the Walk and stay in Korea.

I'm in the process of refunding my plane ticket, and am mentally rehearsing what I'm going to say to my bosses, who are likely to be pissed off.

This may seem sudden to you, but that's only because I've been... well, to be honest, I've been rather afraid of everyone's reaction. "Pulling a Boyle, are you?" I can hear someone saying. No, I'm not pulling a Boyle. To do that, I'd have to actually start the Walk. It's better this way, yes? I can refund the donations I've received, I can save the walk graphics for when they'll be useful, I can begin when I'm more physically fit.

So I'm writing this at around 11:30PM because I'm hoping my Korea-bound readership will be away from their computers and hobnobbing with the Sandman. I don't know what my Stateside and European readers will do or think, but... be kind, OK? People sometimes pull a 180.

Sorry, folks.
And if you actually believe this post, I should tell you about my two-meter penis.



daeguowl said...

Isn't it bad luck to do this after midday?

Anonymous said...

Well, you know what they say, Nobody's perfect. And I think it's a good thing that you can be honest with yourself, and with your readership. The most important thing to me is that you're happy and healthy, whether in Korea or on a trans-American trip. As to whether we meat-eaters deserve to be happy and healthy while feasting on the flesh of so many poor defenseless animals, that's a topic for another (existentialist) post.

All the best in whatever you decide to do.


PS It just occurred to me that this declaration of quitting might be your April Fool's Gag. Care to dispel my suspicion?

Anonymous said...

You barely made the April 1st cut-off.

Today, many of my students were walking around with bandaged hands claiming they were to "sick" to write in class.

Anonymous said...

You got that in right under the wire, huh?

Anonymous said...


Jelly said...

I call April Fools, right?

Stafford said...

I call April Fools.
But if not, no worry - I change my mind more than I change my underwear....

Charles said...

Sorry, man, but this is just way too transparent. In order for an April's Fool joke to work, it has to be at least remotely believable.

Like when I told my students yesterday morning that I thought the previous week's homework had been too little and I was doubling the amount. You should've seen the looks on their faces before they caught on. It was beautiful.

(Word Verification Word of the Day: "exfug" - a chick who used to be fugly but has since had an extreme makeover.)

Unknown said...

Only people who know you intimately have any right to give you crap on this. I'm hoping this is happening because you and another are learning intimate things about each other.