Thursday, July 25, 2024

sad but probably true... it's already happening


Kamala Can’t Win On Policy Or Performance, So The Media Will Make This Campaign A Race War
Kamala Harris loses any debate on policy or performance, so the media will avoid it by fabricating racism from here to Election Day.

It’s a given that the news media will assist the Democrat ticket for president in any way they can this election, but since the party is now set to nominate a black Woman of Color, “any way they can” is going to include some shockingly vicious schemes. Yes, even more so than their usual brazen deception and perversity.

Read the rest. It covers an interesting incident. 

what gaslighting looks like

Now, they're trying to say she was never the border czar.

What do I take away from this? The Dems are so ashamed of Harris's piss-poor record as border czar that they'd rather erase her role from existence. Well, she had four years to fucking do something, and she did fuck-all about the border.

Amala's hilarious hypothesis

What was it like when they forced Biden out?

humor: "Nobody is above the law."

assassination-attempt thoughts from all over

Liberal Hivemind on Elon Musk's endorsement of Trump:

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Lefties: "The whole thing was staged!"

Supposedly moderate, reasonable leftie YouTuber Destiny turns to the dark side:

David Goggins on the attempt:

The would-be assassin was wearing Matt's tee shirt!

Konstantin isn't surprised (neither am I, really):

Styx on the need to overhaul the Secret Service:

Russell Brand wonders what's next:

How did the assassin get past security?

Styx on the sudden Iran angle:

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on the failures of security:

Joe Rogan on the assassination attempt:

PJW on how the mystery deepens:

A satire of media reporting:

More humor: how Joe Biden has escaped death more times than Trump:

Brandon Herrera explores the ballistic side of the assassination attempt:

trust the media?

the theory-crafting continues: was Joe Biden's "appearance" an AI construct?

I have to smile. But hey—make up your own mind. Maybe Biden really is dead, and we're now in the spooky era of e-presidents. In which case: why have elections at all? Let's let ourselves be governed by an overlord AI, like the Kree planet Hala in the Marvel universe.

use your imagination before viewing

When I say the words "pig's-head burrito," what image comes to mind?

please don't crush the cops

Wednesday, July 24, 2024


And now, we'll be voting for someone else.

Supporting your would-be successor, now.