Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one nation, under semen

Do you have any idea how much victory sex will be going on this evening after Obama wins this election? Liberals can be found everywhere, not just in urban areas, and I guarantee you that they will be fucking each other's brains out. Sperm will be flying high and low, like bullets on Normandy Beach, so please: if you absolutely must drive tonight, break out the winter gear early to assure the maximum amount of traction. Put chains on your tires, or drag the hovercraft out of mothballs. If you can avoid driving, do so. Wait until tomorrow afternoon, when the spunk will have started to cake and crust over. Tonight, though, America will be auto-bukkake-ing itself, so seriously think about staying indoors.

And if you're a liberal... do the rest of us a favor and watch your aim.



melancholy donut said...

was dropping by (looking for a link to charles' blog -- didnt find it at the walk site) and saw a new entry here!

and just so ou know, we used plenty of kleenex to wipe up after ourselves.

Kevin Kim said...

The link to Liminality actually appears twice on the Kevin's Walk sidebar, but I don't have any flashy icons for that blogroll, which may make it harder to find.

Charles wrote an interesting mini-essay after Obama was declared the victor. I think you'll enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

My dear hominid, I've missed you. I followed your other blog, but it wasn't the same. I was psyched when I saw a new post from this feed in my Google reader.

Does this mean that your hairy chasms are back on the market for our viewing and probing pleasure?

Kevin Kim said...


Am I back? Back like the Terminator? Back like "Baby Got Back"? We'll see.

I'm much better behaved on the other blog, so yeah, I can see how it might not be the same.