Thursday, April 01, 2010

a pic of the chick

Sorry if the photo seems too dark, but lighting conditions were poor and despite years of taking pictures, I'm no expert at photography. The recipe for this chicken is here.



  1. looks good!

    made it almost as you posted it. the changes that i made were:

    used fresh ginger and garlic
    used red bell pepper

    verdict: pretty good. it was a little too sweet for us, but you had warned that this might be possible.

    this is something ill make again in the future with some minor tweaks. thanks for posting!

    my photos here arent pretty but i give you a link anyway...

  2. Yeah, as is true for a lot of American-style Chinese dishes, the sweetness of my dish can be an issue for people who might prefer something more savory. (Come to think of it, I would have thought that the red bell peppers would make the dish even sweeter!)

    I suspect that some veggies could be added to make the dish both more nutritious and less sweet. Maybe some thinly sliced carrots could be thrown into the mix, with some Thai-style (or Korean-style) soybean sprouts tossed fresh and crunchy on top? In my picture, I also forgot to add fresh-minced green onions.

    In the latest batch of chicken I made, I toned down the molasses by using a mix that was half molasses, half dark corn syrup (keeping the soy sauce and brown sugar).

    As I think I mentioned in the recipe post, I tried adding a spot of vinegar, but in the end I didn't think it improved things much. Maybe citrus...?

    Just saw your pics, which were a lot nicer than mine. Love your mise en place.




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