Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Dad was in uniform for church on Sunday, and on Monday, he, my brother David, and I went driving over to Skyline Drive in the late afternoon. It rained for some of that trip, but we stopped at several overlooks and gawked at the menacing dead tree that stands just beyond the Mile 20 marker, near the Mile 19 side. There were no Memorial Day crowds, luckily, but a few gawkers were parked at some of the overlooks. Dad was wearing his Retired USAF tee shirt and cap for the trip; David and I alternated as drivers, allowing Dad a chance to take in the scenery. We saw one undernourished deer, and also saw a black bear, bigger than life, foraging next to the Drive.

A good day, all in all. On the way back home, we hit a small diner in Warrenton, Virginia-- so small that payment was cash only. When we got back to the house, I packed up a few more boxes and put nine of them up in the attic. It pleases me to see that we still have so much room up there. More packing and storage this coming week: we've barely begun this enormous project.

Happy Memorial Day to all as we remember the fallen with gratitude, and renew our promise to be worthy of them.


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