Saturday, December 10, 2011

brush art from a few weeks ago

For some time now, I've been pondering a redo of the front and back covers of Water from a Skull. The quality of my Chinese script on the back is bothering me, and I've also been thinking of simplifying the front cover in preparation for turning the second edition of this work into an e-book. The artwork below features no more Wonhyo; he's disappeared from the picture, like the Buddhus absconditus of so many sculptures and paintings.

Some changes to the second edition will include:

1. The re-introduction of contractions! I had eliminated contractions from many of my essays, resulting in an overly formal, stilted tone in some chapters. (Other chapters were originally research papers, so they didn't harbor any contractions to begin with.)

2. The correction of yet more typing and formatting errors.

3. The fusion of several related chapters into single chapters.

4. The addition of a basic-level discussion of the fundamental concepts and issues in the domain of religious diversity.

5. The addition of transcribed dialogues on religion from my 2008 walk.

6. The addition of more religion-themed essays from this blog and from the Kevin's Walk blog.

7. The correction of several errors-- not factual errors, per se, but errors all the same-- as well as several argumentative flaws.


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